Step by Step Guide to Ordering Signs

            How does ordering with Big Daddy’s Signs work?
  1. You submit a quote request form
    1. Please fill out as much as you can.
    2. If you don’t have a design, don’t worry! We can give a quote based just on the colors you want to use.
  2. Watch your inbox. We’ll email you a full quote for your review.
    1. If you gave us info on what you want on the sign, we’ll include a proof with your quote.
    2. Proofs come through as attachments, so find out how your email provider handles attachments. Some put the attachments all the way at the bottom of the email.
    3. WATCH YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDERS! We send our quotes and proofs from  Some email providers will mark these as junk or spam.
  3. Review your quote and proof.
    1. If you need any changes, just reply to the email and let us know what you’d like to changes. We’ll get a new proof or quote back to you as quickly as possible.
  4. Approve your quote and proof.
    1. We require all approvals in writing, so please reply to the email that has the proof and quote that you want to go with.
      1. Just reply and type in Approved. It’s that simple!
    2. Call in with payment.
      1. Or, we can send a PayPal invoice if you prefer.
      2. Once your order is processed, we’ll email you a paid receipt for your records.
How do I get started? 1st, we need to figure out what kind of signs you need.  Are you looking for: